A Brief Recap Of WW1

World War I was a global conflict that took place during the early half of the 20th century. It began in 1914 and finally ended in 1918. One of the main causes to spark the conflict was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand.

The winning side are known as the Allied Powers. They were made up of Great Britain, the USA, Japan, Russia, Romania, France and Italy. The losing side are collectively known as the Central Powers. They were composed of Germany, Bulgaria, Austria-Hungary and the Ottoman Empire.

The war caused an increased amount of discontent amongst the Russian population. As a result there was a revolution against the then Tsar. Due to this Russia left the war early. The United States then joined to fight in 1917.

During the war there were numerous technological advances. This led to a horrifying new way of waging warfare. Tanks were developed during WW1. Chemical gas attacks were a common strategy. Machine guns were utilised by the Central Powers. This led to unprecedented losses never seen before in European conflict.

The majority of the war was fought on the Western Front with the country of France. Trench warfare was the primary method used during the fighting. Each side would dig an intricate tunnel system. Each side would attempt to charge and take over the enemy’s territory. The middle of both sides was collectively known as No Man’s Land. Throughout the years of war this area would be littered with dead bodies and unexploded bombs.

After a colossal conflict that claimed the lives of over 16 million people the war ended in a ceasefire and Allied victory. Both soldiers and civilians were killed en mass. Germany was crippled and stripped of its military might. Up until WW2 the conflict was called the War to End All Wars.


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