T.E. Lawrence at 120

2018 marks the year that famed soldier Thomas Edward Lawrence would have reached the age of 120. He was an instrumental figure during the devastating First World War. His legend has grown ever stronger, since his death from a motorcycle accident in May 1935.

The First World War brought many famous real-life characters and heroes to the attention of the public. In Lawrence’s case, it shaped who he was. He began as an archaeologist in the Middle East when the war broke out. He was recruited as a liaison officer due to his ability to speak many Arabic languages.

He also had advantageous diplomatic skills. These were used by his superiors to great success during the war. Rather than be shipped off to the Western Front, Lawrence instead played a pivotal role against the Ottoman Empire. He helped enormously towards the campaign within Palestine and Sinai. He also contributed to lead a significant Arabic revolt.

His achievements were very impressive, and he was able to write them down in a series of best selling memoirs. This inevitably gave him great fame amongst his peers, and the general public, back in Britain. However, he often expressed a high level of guilt at the fact that he did not fight in Europe. He only learned of the high casualty rate in this battleground after he had achieved his mission in the Middle East.

Even though he died over 80 years ago, T. E. Lawrence continues to be recognised for his achievements during the war. He received even greater exposure with the release of the David Lean directed film, Lawrence Of Arabia. The movie was released in 1962 after a troubled production history. It was filmed in the same areas that the real-life Lawrence fought during his campaigns in the First World War.


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