Sports Betting During World War One

Although there was a large amount of intense and bloody fighting involved during WW1, the average soldier would have a relatively mundane time for most of his days when stationed on the Western Front. He had to occupy himself with whatever activity he could. Playing football, or soccer as it is called in the US, was a common sporting activity.

Gambling on card games was not allowed in the ranks. However, sports betting was done on a relatively large scale. There were numerous football matches played on a daily basis, and often there would be a wager involved when this did occur.

In modern times, gambling is abundant in society. People nowadays can play games on Casino Epoca online casino using their smart devices. A century ago this was not possible. Winning big from wagers involved face to face deals. It would also often be done in secret.

Football was not the only sport played in the trenches, but it was undoubtedly the most popular. It was even done on an impressively organised level. There were many competitions held between different regiments and units. Football reminded these men of their homes and helped to maintain a sense of morale. Keeping soldiers in a relatively good mood was very important to give them hope.

Being able to possibly profit from this activity was an added incentive for many soldiers. We do not know how many of the men fighting during the First World War partook in this betting. However, we do know it was fairly prevalent in the trench warfare culture.

This betting culture extended to other sports such as boxing and horsemanship tests. These activities helped to sharpen the skills of the participants. The friendly competition was encouraged by the higher-ups. There were even tank races held by the British Tank Corps.


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