New Zealand Singer Reminds Crowds of Pre-War Days

Folk and country music is usually focused on looking back on more innocent times. This is the case for an emerging singer-songwriter called Katie Thompson. The New Zealand born musician often writes about how life used to be for citizens before the Great War began in 1914.

At this time, New Zealand was part of the Commonwealth and relied on the United Kingdom for it to prosper. It was inevitable that if the British entered into a war, then the Kiwis would soon follow. They did just that, and there was a significant amount of losses for both counties.

Despite this, New Zealand was able to grow into the strong nation that it is today. This is thanks to the ties it made with its allies during that dark era in human history. The country will always have vivid memories of the First World War linked to its national identity. For many, it is seen as a loss of innocence for the country.

Katie Thompson brings back this sense of innocence with gusto. Her song “West Coast” talks about the early pioneering days of New Zealand, when a thirst for gold brought prospectors to the country. In a way, it reflects the themes of US country songs. Both attempt to take the listener back in time, to a point before the world was engulfed in war. The places that Thompson brings into her audience’s imaginations are full of wonder and hope.

Thompson has undoubtedly made a name for herself in the New Zealand country and folk scene. She has already produced two exceptional albums and is currently working on a third. Her original song “West Coast” is set to feature on this record. More than likely, the other tracks will continue to hark back to the pre-war days, when New Zealand was an emerging nation.


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