New Zealand After World War 2

World War 2 was the largest full scale conflict to ever occur. It divided the globe into two sides. Around 50 million people lost their lives. New Zealand suffered a considerable number of losses. It is estimated that 1 in every 150 people in this nation died during WW2. This led to a smaller population in the country as a whole. New Zealand has felt the impact of the war even to this day.

The country was actively at war from almost the very start. This was a huge commitment and endeavour for the people. Soldiers from New Zealand took part in battles all over the world. This unified the country with the Allied nations. These strong ties still remain in modern times.

The national identity of the country changed during the war. They were somewhat isolated before this but now embraced the cultures of far off lands. They also gained an increased confidence on the world stage. New Zealand were now aware that they could be a powerful nation and essential ally.

Today New Zealanders still feel grief over the huge casualties they endured. Their sacrifice meant that they had the highest ratio of deaths in all of the Commonwealth. A large portion of the population became military employees post war. At the time of the conflict 140,000 men and women served. Some continued to work in this sector after it had ended.

However the nation also had to deal with an increased amount of government censorship. Those who had previously objected to the war were often imprisoned. When WW2 ended these people were released and the nation had to reconcile with its oppressive past. There was also a general increase in the amount of power that the government had on civilian lives. People had to adapt to this during the post war era.


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