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  • Unexploded Bombs Still Being Found

    Unexploded Bombs Still Being Found

    Between 1914 and 1918, France and Belgium became battlegrounds where thousands of munitions were launched by opposing sides. Despite having ended a century ago, the people of these two countries are still being threatened by the dangerous and volatile weapons of the First World War. There are hundreds of unaccounted for bombs that are lying in the old battlegrounds of WW1. There are organisations that work to clean up these areas and make them safe. However, the issue continues to […]

  • Lost Battalion Immortalised on Film

    Lost Battalion Immortalised on Film

    The Lost Battalion refers to a group of unfortunate soldiers in the First World War, who suffered numerous hardships during a chaotic attack. These men have now been immortalised in a Hollywood film that tells their story. It does not shy away from the more horrific and controversial moments of their fateful mission. The unit was comprised of nine different companies. There were approximately 550 men altogether. In October of 1918, these soldiers became isolated after an attack that took […]

  • A Century since the Christmas Truce

    A Century since the Christmas Truce

    The First World War was one of the most horrific conflicts of the 20th century. It seems surprising then that this conflict is also remembered for one of the most touching acts of humanity of any war. On the fifth month, during the Christmas season, the Germans and British took part in a temporary truce. The event occurred as a gesture of good will between the two sides. It is estimated that around 100,000 soldiers took part in it. It […]

  • New Zealand Singer Reminds Crowds of Pre-War Days

    New Zealand Singer Reminds Crowds of Pre-War Days

    Folk and country music is usually focused on looking back on more innocent times. This is the case for an emerging singer-songwriter called Katie Thompson. The New Zealand born musician often writes about how life used to be for citizens before the Great War began in 1914. At this time, New Zealand was part of the Commonwealth and relied on the United Kingdom for it to prosper. It was inevitable that if the British entered into a war, then the […]

  • WW1’s Legacy of Chemical Warfare Continues

    WW1’s Legacy of Chemical Warfare Continues

    During the First World War, there were numerous new developments in the different modes of combat. One of the most monstrous of these was in the innovation and deployment of chemical weapons. Mustard gas became a frightening prospect for soldiers. Those unfortunate enough to be caught up in one of these attacks, without a gas mask, could face blindness, painful internal injuries and even a horrendous death. So, it seems unfortunate that such weapons are still being used today. The […]

  • Letter Shines Light on WW1 Gambling

    Letter Shines Light on WW1 Gambling

    Gambling is an abundant part of modern society. We are able to play slots on sites, such as gamblers.co.nz, from the comfort of our home. We can enter most cities in the world and find somewhere to play roulette and table games, such as poker and blackjack. When we compare our world to the one a century ago, it is easy to assume that gambling was not as prevalent. It is true that society had not embraced casino gambling or […]

  • Sports Betting During World War One

    Sports Betting During World War One

    Although there was a large amount of intense and bloody fighting involved during WW1, the average soldier would have a relatively mundane time for most of his days when stationed on the Western Front. He had to occupy himself with whatever activity he could. Playing football, or soccer as it is called in the US, was a common sporting activity. Gambling on card games was not allowed in the ranks. However, sports betting was done on a relatively large scale. […]

  • Gambling Games Played in WW1

    Gambling Games Played in WW1

    We often take for granted how privileged we are to be able to gamble freely and lawfully. A century ago, when the world was raging a war against itself, things were very different. Monetary betting was outlawed in a number of countries, officially at least. Compare this to today and it is easy to see how far we have come. There is an entire city, Las Vegas, dedicated to casino gambling. With the advent of technology, we are able to […]

  • T.E. Lawrence at 120

    T.E. Lawrence at 120

    2018 marks the year that famed soldier Thomas Edward Lawrence would have reached the age of 120. He was an instrumental figure during the devastating First World War. His legend has grown ever stronger, since his death from a motorcycle accident in May 1935. The First World War brought many famous real-life characters and heroes to the attention of the public. In Lawrence’s case, it shaped who he was. He began as an archaeologist in the Middle East when the […]

  • WW1’s Influence On Modern Horror Continues

    WW1’s Influence On Modern Horror Continues

    It is a lesser known fact that without the First World War there would likely not be as much popularity for the horror genre. These types of films were heavily influenced by the real life horrors of the war. The impact WW1 has had on the genre is still present in works made in the 21st century. The conflict caused a large scale of injuries for soldiers from Europe and the United States. These areas are where early cinema first […]


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