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Welcome to our website that focuses mainly on New Zealand during the years of World War 1. We look at the country’s numerous contributions to the war effort. This includes how they aided by land, air and sea.

There are also several stories concerning New Zealand war heroes from this period. Most of these are set during the infamous Gallipoli Campaign. This military operation saw many soldiers from this country lose their lives during the intense fighting.

It cannot be overstated how important women were during the First World War. They helped to fill in the roles that were left when the men went to fight. We talk about how these women of New Zealand participated in the conflict. This includes their jobs as medical staff and munitions manufacturers.

We also have a large number of different news stories related to this war. These concern recent events on the topic of how this conflict has affected modern life. This section is of particular interest to those who want to read more about events happening in our lifetime.

The First World War was one of the worst mass conflicts ever to occur. It led to the deaths of millions of soldiers and ordinary civilians. It is even more heartbreaking that just decades later an even greater war was raged, causing even more massive full-scale devastation. We wish to inform and educate the reader on several aspects of WW1. This includes its causes, events that happened during the war and how we remember and commemorate them today.


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